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  Updated 04/30/2007
Our Insects: See Golden Silk Spiders, Banana spiders, assassin bugs, velvet ants and more!



Check out our latest article:
Golden Silk Spiders and Hurricane Warnings this is an html web presentation but you can also download a printable PDF version by clicking here: Golden Silk Spiders and Hurricane Warnings 043007.pdf
Our Reptiles: See Rat Snakes
This is Livi, the senior peacock at Shady Grove Farm.  Now in his 5th year, his tail spans over 7 feet when he raises it to dance for his hens. Our Birds: See our Cochin chickens and Pea Foul
Our Fungus Among Us page is here!!!: Check out mushrooms and unidentified fungus from 2003 and 2004.
Our Wild Birds: Florida has a wide range of resident native birds and snow-birds who winter here.
Our  New Water Foul: After this year's hurricane season we have this wonderful lake, it's brought water birds we've never seen before, along with new varieties of "songbirds" who are making a vacation by the shore this year.


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