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Valentine at 10 hours old

We are so excited to offer this wonderful filly by the remarkable Friesian Stallion, Jorrit  out of our Thoroughbred mare, Borschette.

Valentine is the most precocious foal I have ever met.  She did everything; stand, walk, trot, canter, gallop, eat, and GROW in record time.  She is much larger than the Thoroughbred babies her age.

Imprinted at birth, she is interested in humans and very friendly and trusting. 

Valentine has the same wonderful self confidence that Borschette gives all her babies.  She halters, and stands for her feet to be cleaned with never a wobble or argument. Valentine is also demonstrating the speed and agility that helped her dam win races in her younger years.

Not knowing the stallion personally, we can't say for sure, but we are fairly certain that Valentine has her size from her father, as well as his amazing movement, and we think she has his ears.

Her first video will be available soon.


Valentine's First Day Picture Gallery
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Lighter than air at 14 hours old

After a complete tour of the field, many meals from mom, and a couple of hours to get bored watching mom eat grass, baby Valentine is experimenting with the canter and the gallop. She discovered the walk and then the trot before she left her own paddock.


Valentine's Lineage


Mark (Preferent) 232


Hendrina (Star) 6648




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