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The Amazing Sam Gamgee 
36" Miniature Horse gelding
(foaled 4/4/1992) 

Sam is pictured at left on  a recent assignment in Pennsylvania at My Lady's Manor Pleasure driving show, winning the Junior Whip class for his maiden driver, 8 year old Ali Houston-Ludlum.  

Sam has had an illustrious career as a driving mini. He introduced Marnie Hutcheson to driving back in 1994, and look at her now -- on the USET singles driving short list.  Sam has served in many capacities since; as a single in pleasure shows for adults and small children and as the leader of Vel Boyd's winning Tandem in Combined Driving Events (see picture below).  

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In 1998 and 1999 Sam waged a successful battle to get the Small Equine Divisions established for CDEs.  Sam served as the "Poster Mini" at in the campaign and as the Mini Director At Large. 

Over the years Sam has touched the lives of many adults and small children, giving each - that special moment, that special meaning, that lasts a lifetime.  A serious competitor who has beaten high priced warm bloods in the ring -- It would be foolish to judge him by his size. He has the heart of a lion but is gentle as a lamb.  

Currently, Sam is looking for new humans to train - his have grown up and moved on to something called 'College'.  Sam is a Journeyman carriage pony, he comes with his own very nice presentation harness. As shown in the pictures with Ali above.  He says he would rather be training humans for a living than trimming grass in the field! 

Permanent acquisition of Sam's services: $3500.00

Mini Hoof's KY,  King of
AMHA # A13590 
Sammie Gamgee of Hobbiton #39516P-15759B

Kabouter Took 
AMHA # A31590
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