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We have a variety of resident wild birds here. Owls, hawks, wood-peckers, songbirds and of course egrets (cowbirds.) We have had up to four or five owls living around the place. This year we hosted two families of hawks, red-tails and split-tails. Amazingly they nested within 800 feet of one another, and never seemed to notice each other.

This poor little pair of sparrow birds built a nest on a plastic covered piece of machinery and had hatched three chicks literally while we weren't paying attention. They then spent most of their time fretting because we came too close in our daily routine.

This year we watched a pair of red-tailed hawks raise at least three chicks to maturity. They built their nest over the driveway in the backyard. Here is a photo gallery of some of the pictures we took of them. I need a better camera. The red-tail parents were very devoted, they spent each day, all day making rounds of the farm and the surrounding area to find enough food for their family. I also got to watch them give the youngsters flying lessons, and hunting lessons. The chicks stayed near one another most of the time even after they could fly and hunt for themselves.




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