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This is Livi, the senior peacock at Shady Grove Farm.  Now in his 5th year, his tail spans over 7 feet when he raises it to dance for his hens. We believe that a naturally balanced ecosystem provides the healthiest environment for all its inhabitants. To that end we keep a variety of domestic species in our barnyard and we encourage and protect wild creatures in our woodlands preserve.

Our birds range freely in the barnyard.  Foraging birds are healthy birds and, they keep the bugs, flies, and small rodent populations under control - avoiding the need for chemical pesticides.

Shady Grove farm is the most prolific hatchery of royal blue peacocks in Marion County, FL. All of our birds are incubated and raised by their mothers.   Young birds and selected feathers are one or the farm's primary crops.

We raise a variety of birds at Shady Grove including Booted Cochin Chickens.

These large chickens come from china where they are prized for their meat and colorful feathers.  We love them for their gentle and kind dispositions.

All of the feathers that we sell are 'donated' by the birds at molting time.  They are collected, cleaned and sanitized, and sorted by type and color through the Summer and Fall months. to contact us at Shady Grove Training Center by email.

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