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Hammer Dulcimer


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Lichen Mantis

This Mantis is just under 3 inches long. They blend into the Lichen on the trees so well that you often don't notice them until they are running for cover, which looks like a green or grey blur.

They prefer to stay in the deciduous forest areas, on the trees. But now and then we find one on a fence post or like here, a garden hose. They always run away before you can get a picture. They are not very aggressive and unless you corner them all intents are on escape. 
If you do harass them they rear up and strike out with their specialized hunting apparatus. These guys have never hurt anyone I know of, but then most people tend to leave them alone so they'll rid the gardens and landscaping of detrimental bugs.
We don't know much about this particular variety, such as the common or scientific name, their breeding habits, adolescents or life spans. If anyone has any clues please email us so we can add information about them. to contact us at Shady Grove Training Center by email.

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