Brown Widow
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Brown Widow

  This is a brown widow female, who has made a home and hunting web on a potted cacti. Her house is at the top, and the hunting zone is down the slope of web. The traditional hour-glass on the underside of the abdomen is often hazard orange, sometimes lined with pale green. Even a little misshapen, it is always  identifiable.

  Widows are prolific in Florida, I've seen a few southern Black Widows here and there. But these brown widows can become very numerous, very quickly. They love places you don't frequently clean. And they are bold enough to set up in the bathroom. Discourage by cleaning regularly. 
  Florida also hosts red widows. From Marion to Martin counties. These brown widows hang out around the eves. Also in any cubby hole left alone long enough to look like fair game. They guard multiple 'spikey' egg sacks in a corner of their web space. Though they love a hidey-hole to tuck into when they feel threatened. to contact us at Shady Grove Training Center by email.

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