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We are the team from Shady Grove Farm. 
bulletHorse: The Kid
bulletNavigator: David Mayberry
bulletDriver: Marnie Hutcheson
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We started driving in CDEs in 1994 - at first because it was something that David and I could do together. It quickly became a family activity. My daughter, Vel Boyd, also drives (mostly ponies) and my son, Dane Boyd, is a good navigator for Vel, Dave and me.

Photograph by Ann Pringle

 'The Kid' is one of the lightest horses in the division at ~ 940 lbs, he is pulling about 800 lbs. That's about 85% of his weight.  Anyway, we watch Kid carefully to make sure he isn't being overstressed. 
Kid is a limited distance (25-35 miles) endurance champion under saddle (Kid and I love to ROMP!)- in fact, he and I have competed successfully in several adult amateur disciplines including Combined Training, Dressage, and Competitive Trail.  Most of my formal training is in ridden dressage. I studied with Elizabeth Madlener in the early 90's and now with Bill Woods here in Florida. 
We are new to the Advanced driving division, The Bayer Festival of Champions was our 11th Advanced CDE. We had to wait a full year to move up from Preliminary because we didn't have (and couldn't afford) a four wheeled marathon vehicle. Anyway, we have lots to learn. We have had lots of encouragement from Tom Hilgenberg and Randy McFarland over the years. 

Last year we met Bill Lower and had him come to Shady Grove for a Clinic. Bill really puts his heart into his teaching, we have had so much positive feedback as a result, and everyone who attended asked to have Bill back. We are hoping to have Bill come back to Shady Grove at least twice this winter. 


Dressage at the 2000 Festival of Champions

Kid hates dressage, he only does it because he loves me --and I insist. Kid takes after his Arab father, Barbary +++.  Kid is naturally high headed; a drinker of the wind. His way of going is beautiful and light footed, not at all like the heavy warm bloods who dominate the dressage phase of the competition
Cones Competition at the 2000 Festival of Champions


I personally had a lot of trouble with the Cones competition when we moved up to Advanced. Twenty centimeters isn't much clearance, and the course designers use all kinds of tricks. I kept blowing us out of the ribbons our first year with bad cones scores. 

You hear a lot of dressage, dressage, dressage, but you have to work really hard to improve your dressage score 5 points. It is really easy to blow 25 points in cones. Needless to say, we have been working hard on cones this year, and it shows in our scores. We have improved a lot.

The Marathon

Photograph by Smith, 1999 Festival of Champions

The marathon is our team's favorite part of the competition. Kid is very fast, we usually turn in one of the best US marathon scores, but even better than that, his remarkable performance ability comes though time after time. He consistently comes into the vet check after the marathon with low -non stressed heart, respiration and temperature rates, and great recovery rates. 

Our strength is in our team, Kid, Dave and me, with Kid in front and Dave on the back of the carriage, I feel very secure, and so do they. These guys (Kid and Dave) have pulled off some amazing feats in those tight spots inside the penalty zones. At the Live Oak CAI this year we were up on 2 wheels twice in the Gulch, but with Dave on the back we were never in danger of tipping over. At the Georgia International this year we blasted though an opening by gate C in the Mole Hill hazard that was so tight that the carriage went, "Tick! Tick" as it hit poles on both sides. Kid never paused and Dave held the carriage upright in the high speed 180 degree turn that followed - I feel humbled and exhilarated all at once to be part of such a team.

We are easy to spot in the hazards, we are the ones laughing and carrying on. You can always spot me, I'm the one hollering of "Good Boy Kid!!" as we blast through the hazards. I am very fortunate to have such a dedicated team. The most amazing thing for me in this sport is the incredible partnership that exists between humans and equines. Look at any marathon picture of us; you can't miss the incredible oneness-of-purpose and focus of my team. 


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