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Ebon in the Boys Field

Unfortunately, we lost this beautiful Type A Sand Live Oak in huricane Jeanne. Cutting it up will cost several hundred dollars, but more than that is its loss will be felt for many years. It was a patriarc on the farm.

We have had wonderful rain this year

Chette and Dolly enjoy the water in their field.

Valentine also enjoys the water.

Valentine just turned 1 year old.

Looking south east into the girls field

The girls in the girls field

Looking to the girls barn from the pond

From the pond to the back of the house

looking west...

Ebon grazing in the new field south of the new barn

This is the area that was a dump. It took us 5 years to clean it up and clear it and get the grass going, but it was worth it. Today it is a lovely level field with shade in the hottest parts of the day.

Looking north from the barn deck

The house...


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